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Live Scan Fresno Live Scan Forms

As a courtesy to our customers and visitors, we have made the following live scan forms available to you for downloading and printing at your convenience or to examine what the live scan form your interested in looks like. However, it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary ORI Code, Agency Set Address, Mail Code and Agency Billing Number (if applicable) that pertains to your referring agency and confirm with your referring agency that your form is filled out correctly. It is always preferable to get the form from your referring agency when ever possible. We are not allowed to assist you in completing your forms.

The following referring agencies have made their Live Scan Request Forms available to the public online. Please be sure to print three copies of the form as it must be prepared in triplicate. We can not be held responsible for errors or omissions in your submission forms or selecting the incorrect form for your individual live scan submission requirements.

Please note that the internet is a constantly changing place and the sites and forms listed below are no exception. The websites change structure and file locations on a regular basis. If you find a link below that no longer works, please send us an email via our contact us with the broken link and we will correct it as soon as possible.


Contractors State License Board Information – You must bring the “Request for Live Scan Form” that you received from State License Board.



Real Estate – Live Scan for the Real Estate Salesperson License.


Trust Line Live Scan Form – Use this form to obtain Live Scan for the Dept. of Social Services Related services Like Trustline – A1157.
CA Dept of Social Services – Use this form to obtain Live Scan for the Dept. of Social Services Related services – LIC 9163.


California Bar Determination of Moral Character–Live Scan for the Attorney License in the State of CA.
Identity Theft Live Scan Request form



DCA/Structural Pest Control Board: Structural Pest Control, License, Certification, Permit

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